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Site Rules

Rules for the use of TeachADHD.com. This site is intended to be a professional resource for those who teach children with ADHD. It is open primarily to teachers, but also to parents, students, school administrators, healthcare professionals and anyone else with an interest to see kids with ADHD succeed in their education. These rules have been developed to extend and protect the pleasant, results-oriented atmosphere of this site. By using this site, you demonstrate that you accept and agree to abide by these rules.

  # Site Rule
1 TeachADHD.com is a professional workplace. The site is provided as a professional resource for those who teach or work with children with ADHD. Postings not related to teaching children with ADHD or related issues are not allowed.
2 Mutual respect, courtesy, professionalism and fairness are expected. We recognize that teaching children with ADHD can be frustrating and that different stakeholders, for example parents and teachers, may have opposing viewpoints which they may hold dearly. We expect site users to respect other viewpoints than their own, even if they don’t agree with them, and treat each other courtesy and to act with the assumption of good faith. Harassment, flaming or attacks on individuals or groups, or discouraging another’s use of this site, whether participants on this site or not, will not be tolerated.
3 Advertising is prohibited.  Paid advertising may be made available in certain areas of the site at some point in the future. It is not available at the current time.  Until such a time, postings which are intended for soliciting purchases of products relating to teaching children with ADHD are permitted as long as they are limited to a single url to a genuine website (i.e., not an affiliate link), and a live (dofollow) link back to this site is placed on your website in compensation. Any questions about this rule should be addressed via the private support forum.
4 Offensive language is not permitted.
5 Use of excessive uppercase should be avoided.  Posting in all capital letters is like shouting.  Use normal lowercase text unless uppercase is needed, for an acronym for example.
6 Misrepresentation and fraud are prohibited.  You may register on TeachADHD without disclosing your name, using a pseudonym.   We recognize that the topic of this site may be sensitive to some participants who wish to discuss situations anonymously.  However, impersonating others, using a username which misrepresents you as someone else or otherwise attempting to deceive in any way will not be tolerated.
7 One registration per person.  Creating a new registration to bypass restrictions or bans or to gain any advantage is prohibited.  It is nonetheless acceptable to have one personal registration and another for your registered company.
8 Discussion of administrative actions taken by site staff or moderators may be in private only.  Warnings, restrictions, enforcement,  editing, locking of topics and other administrative actions may not be discussed on public forums.
 9 Discussion topics are to be limited to the site topic – teaching children with ADHD.  Postings which are on other topics are not allowed.  Postings which are political, religious or otherwise controversial in nature or that may be considered offensive by other users, will be removed without regard to the views expressed.
10 Post titles should describe the topic at hand. Post titles are the main way a thread is found and should specifically describe the subject of the topic.  The title should be brief and make the main point of the post as far as possible.  Staff and moderators reserve the right to edit post titles.
11 Post in the appropriate forum.  If there are multiple forums, post in the forum with the title that best suits the topic.  Staff and moderators may move a post or thread to a more appropriate forum.
12 Post only once.  Do not post the same topic multiple times or to multiple forums.
13 Stay on topic.  If the discussion veers off topic, a new thread should be started.  Within a given thread, keep the discussion to the original topic.
14 Speculating on others’ opinions is not allowed.  You may respectfully disagree with another poster’s statement but you may not speculate on what they think but have not expressed.
15 Copyrights must be respected.  Long quotes from copyrighted material are not allowed unless permission has been obtained from the copyright holder.  In this case the posting must make clear that such permission has been obtained.  You may quote brief excerpts and you may include a link to articles or other sites.
16 No legal or medical interpretations.  The forums are discussion places, not professional advice.  You may express an opinion as long as you make clear it is only an opinion and is not to be taken as legal or medical advice.


Site administrators or moderators may take any of the following actions to enforce these rules:

  • Reminding users of the rules by means of a post
  • Remove postings or threads that violate the rules
  • Temporarily or permanently suspending the account of user that violates site rules
  • Banning a user from accessing the site. In this case the user will not be able to reach the site at all
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